Example of coatings.

The ranged weapon for those of you who A: prefer ranged elemental damage and B: don't feel like dealing with the inventory mess that ammo creates for bowguns.

The tradeoff for "infinite ammo" and superior mobility is the physically weakest weapon in game and the cost of using stamina to power your shots. S

o, to make up for the lack of raw damage of a good majority of bows, many come with elemental damage.

Bows can use a special "ammo" called coatings to improve damage (Power Coating), poison, paralyze, or cause sleep status effects, but each bow has different coatings that are able to be used.

Each shot on a bow can be "charged" up to 3 times (4 if you have the Loading (?) armor skill).

Charge 1: No charge at all, just press buttan and receive arrows

Charge 2: First flash

Charge 3: 2nd flash

Charge 4: 4th flash

Also, different bows have many affects that change how arrows are shot.

Rapid = multiple arrows shot into one spot, arrows slightly higher/lower than the other in terms of altitude

Spread = Multiple arrows, spread out in a horizontal fan (don't bother)

Pierce = one single arrow, but can hit multiple times (possibly the best arrow type to use, at least for wyverns)

Bows have a simple melee attack that can cause status effects of the coating applied without using up a coating.

Bows have no first person mode.