Used in lots of combination recipes, such as Potion G, Catalyst, Nutrient G, Mega juice and Mega Juice G, Thawing Agent, Max Potion, and Ancient Potion to name a few.



Gems are an Item you can get put into a weapon or armor that has at least one slot to increase the abilities of you character. You can get them made/put into equipment at the Blacksmith. Just choose the 3rd option when you talk to him,then the first to get a Gem made, and the 3rd option to put them into equipment.

to make a gem, you need a certain set of ingredients depending on what the gem is.

Here's a list of most of the Gems and their ingredients available early in the game. Click on the name of it to see a picture of it.

Note:Feel free to give the ingredients or The gems better/real names. Also any insight as to what the fuck half of the abilities of these do would be helpful.

Attack GemEdit

Cost: 400z Attack+3 Defense -1

Water Gem x1 Power Seed x1 Sharp Claws x1

Defense GemEdit

Cost: 400z Defense +3 Attack -1

Water Gem x1 Armor Seed x1 small Carapace x1

Awake GemEdit

Cost: 400z Faint+2 Sleep -2

Water Gem x1 Velociprey Fang x3

Anti-paralyze GemEdit

Cost: 400z Paralysis+2 Poison-2

Water Gem x1 Genprey Fang x3

Sleep GemEdit

Cost: 400z Sleep+2 Faint-2

Water Gem x1 Sleeping Bag x1

Anti-poison gemEdit

Cost: 400z Poison+2 Paralyze -2

Water Gem x1 Ioprey Fang x3

Odor GemEdit

Cost: 400z Deordorize+1 Strength-1

Water Gem x1 ?Anti-bacterial Stone? x1

Sign GemEdit

Cost: 400z Sign +2

Water Gem x1 Vespoid Wing x1 Hornetaur Wing x1

Energy GemEdit

Cost: 400z Stamina+2 Recovery speed +1 ?Edge Belly? -2

Water Gem x1 Mosswine Skin x1

Strength GemEdit

Cost: 1200z Stamina+4 Dodge-2

Water Gem x1 Bulldrome Head x1

Polish GemEdit

Cost: 400z Resharpen+2

Water Gemx1 Whetstonex2 Sunstonex1

Airtight GemEdit

Cost: 1200z Guard Performance+1 Potential-1 匠-1

Water Gemx1 Carapace Shieldx1

Heaven Shield GemEdit

Cost: 400z Automatic Protection+2 (Auto-guard?)

Water Gem x1 Bullfango Fur x3 Small carapace x3

Throwing GemEdit

Cost: 400z Throwing+2

Water Gem x1 Large Bone x1

Gunpowder GemEdit

Cost: 400z Add Shot+2

Water Gem x1 Piscine Liver x3 LV3 Shot x1

Food GemEdit

Cost: 400z Gluttony+2 Edge Belly-2

Water Gem x1 Cooked Tuna x2 Large Boar Skinx1

Meal GemEdit

Cost: 400z Meals +2 Recovery -2

Water Gem x1 Sleepy bird Orange feather x1 Onimatsutake x1

Gourmet GemEdit

Cost: 400z Grilled Meat +2

Water Gem x1 Brown meat x1 Burnt meat x1 Raw meat x1

Traveler GemEdit

Cost: 1200z Terrain+2 All Tolerance UP -2

Water Gem x1 Piscine Scale x3 Purple Skin x1

Key GemEdit

Cost: 400z Steal Disabled +4

Water Gem x1 Stamp of the Meat ballx1 Mysterious Skull x1

Transport GemEdit

Cost: 400z +2 Transport -3 Sign

Water Gem x1 Great running medicine x1

Fire Resist GemEdit

Cost: 400z Fire resist +2 Water Resist -2

Water Gem x1 Red pepperx1

Water Resist GemEdit

Cost: 400z Water Resist+2 Fire resist -2

Water gem x1 キレアジ(fish) x1

Ice Resist GemEdit

Cost: 400z Ice resist +2 Lighting Resist -2

Water Gem x1 Ice Crystal x1

Lighting Resist GemEdit

Cost: 400z Lightning Resist +2 Ice resist -2

Water Gem x1 Shock Bug x1

Cool GemEdit

Cost: 400z Warm resist+2 Hardy-2

Water Gem x1 Spent shells x3

Hot Air GemEdit

Cost:400z Hardy+2 Warm resist -2

Water Gem x1 Red pepper x1

Early GemEdit

Cost: 400z Rapid Acquisition +1

Water Gem x1 Hornworm x2 Grasshopper x2 TSUCHIHACHINOKO x2

Piercing Eyes GemEdit

Cost: 400z Clairvoyance +1 Sign -1

Water Gem x1 Binoculars x1 2nd Sight medicine x1

Fishing Power GemEdit

Cost: 400z Fishing+2

Water Gem x1 Fishing grasshoppers x5 Stones x5

Healing GemEdit

Cost: 400z Recovery +2 Meals -2

Water Gem x1 Kelbi skin x3 ?Arcanum of Antiquity? x1

Doctor GemEdit

Cost: 400z Mixing success rate +3

Water Gem x1 Intro to Mixing ① x1 Elementary Mixing ② x1 Intermediate Mixing ③ x1

Occult GemEdit

Cost: 2500z Alchemy +3

Water Gem x1 Mysterious skull x1