Known questgivers so far in the Village Area are:

  • Girl at Small Counter (Rookie Quests, HR<10 only).
  • Elder on Long Counter (Frontier Quests, remains static through seasons).

    Town Quests NPCs.

  • Girl in Blue (Hunter's Quests, First option allows you to search for quests by area).


2nd option, 2nd option for slay quests: From top to bottom:

Guild Questgivers:

(Right to Left, shut up this is not weaboo)

  • Girl in Yellow: Seasonal Quests, 2nd option is Search by Area, 3rd option is "Search by Monster Type").
  • Girl in Blue: Hunter's Quests, same as village chick in blue, search by area).
  • Elder on Counter (Frontier Quests, same as village).
    Identifying Other Quests

    Quest Type Guide

There are also the Training Quests.

Other Quests:

You can work out what type of quest an unlisted one is simply by looking for key information, use the type and requirement image and the to work out what the goal of a quest is.


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